Historic Cardiff, Wales Dock Scene Magnet

  • Historic Cardiff, Wales Dock Scene Magnet
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This magnet pictures an 1894 painting by American artist, Lionel Walden (1861-1933), of the docks at Cardiff, Wales.

The Cardiff Docks seaport on the south coast of Wales was opened in 1839 to serve in the distribution of coal and iron from mines in south Wales.  With the completion of the Glamorganshire Canal and Taff Vale Railway in the late 1700s, Cardiff quickly grew from a village, nicknamed Tiger Bay by locals, to a thriving seaport city.  Additional docks were added in 1887 and 1907.  By 1910, Cardiff was the second largest coal export dock in the world with over ten million tons a year of South Wales coal transported by rail from the South Wales Valley mines and loaded onto hundreds of tramp steamers, operated by 122 shipping companies.

The switch from coal to oil reduced Cardiff's importance as a seaport but portions of its waterfront area has been revitalized in recent decades to accommodate the nation's cultural facilities. Since 1955 it has been the capital of Wales and is today home to nearly 400,000 people.

Connecticut-born Lionel Walden was the son of an Episcopal minister.  He moved to Paris as a young man and lived in England for about four years, during which time he painted this and other scenes in Cardiff.  In addition to his France and UK landscapes, Walden painted waterfront scenes in Hawaii.

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