Travel Magnet Sets

Refrigerator magnet sets with a common travel theme

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Fridge magnet pictures historic scenes in Atlanta Georgia
Set of five magnets picture scenes from early Atlanta, Georgia.  The photos come from old postc..
Fridge magnet pictures set of 3 Denia travel fridge magnets
Magnets trio features the city of Denia in the Alicante province of Spain.   One pictures ..
Fridge magnet pictures 1907 steam shovel maker history photos
Magnets picture photos of a Marion Steam Shovel brochure c. 1907. When the brochure was published t..
Fridge magnet pictures scenes from Hollands history
Set of three magnets picture scenes from Holland's olden days, including wooden shoes, windmills and..
Fridge magnets picture scenes from the beach and form big picture
Refrigerator magnets picture beach scene objects that form a picture when arranged in order. ..
Refrigerator magnets picture Carolina parakeets
Refrigerator magnet picture the extinct Carolina parakeets. ..
Set of 3 Singapore magnets picture scenery, flag and night scape
Magnets picture Singapore night scape, flag and scenery. ..
New York travel souvenir fridge magnet pictures statue of liberty
Fridge magnet pictures Lady Liberty fridge magnet . ..
Fridge magnets picture vintage Scotland Aberdeen Loch Goil
Magnets picture scenes in 1895 Scotland.  One features Union street in Aberdeen and the other t..
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