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Refrigerator magnets featuring locations in United Kingdom

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Fridge magnet pictures Dunraven Bay Beach in Southerndown, Wales
This magnet pictures a photo by Andrew Yong of Dunraven Bay Beach in Southerndown, Wales. ..
Fridge magnet pictures Silver How Fell in Grasmere England
Refrigerator magnet pictures Grasmere England Silver How Fell. ..
Fridge magnet pictures Lionel Walden Cardiff Wales dock scene
This magnet pictures an 1894 painting by American artist, Lionel Walden (1861-1933), of the docks at..
Fridge magnet pictures Langdale England
Refrigerator magnets picturing Langdale, England. ..
Fridge magnet pictures montage of London scenes
Magnet pictures a montage of photos representing London, England, including the Tower Bridge, Queen ..
Fridge magnet pictures Big Ben clock tower in London
Refrigerator magnet pictures the top of a 155-year old clock tower in London, home to Big Ben, one o..
Fridge magnets picture vintage Scotland Aberdeen Loch Goil
Magnets picture scenes in 1895 Scotland.  One features Union street in Aberdeen and the other t..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage painting rural scene Windsor Castle in background
Magnet pictures a country scene with Windsor Castle in the distance. ..