London England Travel Souvenir Magnet Big Ben Elizabeth Tower

Fridge magnet pictures Big Ben clock tower in London
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Refrigerator magnet pictures the top of a 155-year old clock tower in London, home to Big Ben, one of the world's best known bells (a 13-ton beast that took 18 hours to raise 200 feet up into the tower back in 1859).  Named the Elizabeth Tower in 2009 to honor queen Elizabeth II, the 315-foot high spire features a giant clock with a 14-foot long minute hand.  The clock kept proper time and chimed it's way through the WWII bombing Blitz in 1941 but in 1949 a flock of birds sat on the minute hand and caused a 4.5 minute time error.  The bells were silenced in 1965 during Winston Churchill's funeral and again in 2013 during Margaret Thatcher's funeral.  The photos below are from Wikipedia where you'll find an interesting collection of Big Ben information.


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